Logic Electro Broadcaster

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A simple, reliable and accurate way of spreading slug pellets, grass seed, fertiliser, trace elements, rape seed, stubble turnips, game cover etc.

Each unit is constructed strongly from corrosion resistant materials ensuring long operational life and high performance. The range includes two hopper sizes, 85 litres and 130 litres. The 85 litre is perfect for ATV use and the 130 litre is perfect for UTV’s, tractors, and self propelled sprayers.

The range has two motor sizes, the smaller been compatible with most ATV electrical systems and the larger up rated motor able to cope with the electrical systems found on larger vehicles. Other options include, manual or powered control system, manual or powered shut off/on, and fixed or variable disc speed. For full details, a brochure, or to discuss your requirements contact us now!

From £895.00 + VAT

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