Bobman S Cubicle Bedder

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Scaping, Sweeping and Spreading – Heavy work made nice and easy

Bobman S is spreading the chopped material in a smooth and precise quantity underneath the cattle from a distance of 0-4 meters. The usage of the shattered material needed is reduced significantly compared with manual spreading, and is perfectly suited for robot stables.

Manoeuvrable – Bobman S is a compact machine that only requires a turning diameter of 1.8 meters. The box can accommodate up to 900 litres.

Brush and Scraper – In order to respond to the differentiation in the height at our customers stables, Bobman have made sure that the scraper has a high clearance. Furthermore, it has a side brush with a diameter of 0.75m mounted, which sweeps the beds effectively before spreading new material. In addition, the BOBMAN S is able to drive up steep climbs.

Model – The Bobman S can be delivered with 1 or 3 wheel drive.

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£ Price on Application

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